Why Choose Us?

3 Crucial Reasons

It sounds cliché, but it’s why you need to talk to us

Even if you have a broker

Product Knowledge

While many brokers have access to the same products we do, most are not aware of them, don’t know how to structure them, or don’t know how to manage them.

These products require expertise in order to get the most from them.  Just like you don’t want a family doctor performing heart surgery. We are experts in the products we sell.  If you are looking for exposure to risk, we won’t be able to help you.  We are safe money experts

Also, very important….

If your situation doesn’t fit, we won’t force it.  We actively seek scenarios where we know we can add value.

Financial Professional


We are immersed day-in and day-out keeping up with industry best strategies to structure our retirement products to fit the needs of our clients.  The landscape is constantly changing. 

Your typical money manager may not have the expertise to know how to put your safe funds best to work – you can’t just ride the wave!

How these products are structured significantly affect its performance.  We seek to provide market-like returns while always protecting principal. Read more about us

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Why us? How about experience? It’s the third pillar of our value proposition to you.  We think you’d agree having the benefit of hindsight is useful.

In a marketplace where there are similar products offered by many providers, we know who to work with for your unique situation. Knowing the industry history and nuances of the individual companies is critical.

Furthermore, over time product management significantly affects its performance.  To get the most out of your investments, they require active monitoring. Thus, our experience managing these investments will allow you to maximize your returns.

Man and Woman

We know it can be hard to find the right financial professional to work with

One that will take the time to understand what’s important to you

Office Girl

Our first meeting will be all about you.  Expect a relaxed, friendly conversation.  We want to understand what is important to you.  Then, if appropriate, we will put together a proposal for you to review. The plan will be sure to address all of your concerns. We expect our clients to be involved in the process and ask questions.

Once we have put the pieces together and your retirement plan is secure we will begin monitoring the plan performance and strategy effectiveness.  We conduct annual reviews with our clients and make on-going suggestions.

Life happens and a person’s needs may change. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.  Market and life changes may demand a tweak to our original strategy.

Curated Product Offering

We work ONLY with “A” rated companies from top ratings agencies, such as

Standard & Poor’s


A.M. Best

Contact Us

Please use this form to drop us a note or to start a conversation.  We will be sure to reply as soon as possible.  Alternately, you are welcome to call us at 561-208-3743, or chat using the module on the lower right.