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Who Are We?

We are a Florida based firm dedicated to educating consumers on important retirement financial matters so they can make wise decisions and secure their financial future.  Learn more about us.

Due to current economic conditions and an unstable stock market many people have been seeking safe places to put a portion of their retirement savings. 

In years gone by, safety could be achieved by sacrificing upside potential, however recent product developments have allowed for simultaneous protection and growth.

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Our Process

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Create A Plan

Our first meeting will be all about you.  Expect a relaxed, friendly conversation.  We will spend time establishing a rapport and gathering information about your scenario.  In addition, we will put together a proposal to review at a following appointment. It will be sure to address all of your concerns. We want our clients involved in the process. Ask as many questions needed to feel comfortable with the strategy we propose.

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Monitor Performance

Keep in mind, it doesn’t end when you write a check.  Once we have put the pieces together and your retirement plan is secure we will begin monitoring the plan performance and strategy effectiveness.  In addition, we will conduct annual reviews. That way we can make suggestions on how to manage your investments based on market or life conditions.



Life happens and at any time a person’s needs may change. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, therefore it’s important to build flexibility into the solutions we provide. Our products have many liquidity and income options to address this. Planning for retirement is an on-going exercise. Therefore, we are going to provide you with on-going knowledge and solutions so you can lead a prosperous retirement.

What You Can Expect

Our Financial Professionals will custom design a retirement strategy for you.  Furthermore, we understand you may have loyalty to a broker – That’s Ok!

We are a necessary compliment to your overall retirement strategy

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Our Difference

Man and Woman

It sounds cliche but…

This truly is why we are different.  Read about why our Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience makes the difference

Our philosophy is a conservative one. Moreover, we believe it’s better to “grow it and keep it.”

Will the assets you’ve accumulated last through your retirement?

Because people live longer healthier lives, it’s time to re-evaluate the longevity of your financial plan.  Importantly, RetireWell can offer you peace of mind in retirement.

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